Angkor Wat Half Day Bike Tour - Bicycle Tour in The Trail of Angkor

Angkor Wat Half-Day Bike Tour – Afternoon Cycling in The Trail Of Angkor


About this tour

  • LocationAngkor Complex
  • Duration4 hours
  • Tour start1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Total distance18-20km( Approx)

Please note

The tour cost is 30$ per person


If you are not an early morning person, so something in the afternoon would be great!

Exploring 3 Major temples in Angkor Complex.

  • See majestic Angkor Wat, the masterpiece of the Khmer empire.
  • Faces Of Buddha Avalokiteshvara (Bayon Temple)
  • Sacred sword ( Preah Khan Temple)

Details Complimentary

1:00 pm: Our guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby by tuk-tuk or car to the main temple Angkor wat, considered the greatest of the Khmer temple. There you will find Khmer art which reached the height of its glory in the 12 century.

3:00 pm: Then go to the southern gate of Angkor Thom and visit the Bayon temple which is the stone facing of Avalokiteshvara and the state temple of the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII. Pedal your bike on the rampart of Angkor Thom City to visit the hidden gem temple ‘Prasat Chrung ‘.

4:30 pm. Next, cycling to king father’s temple, called Preah Khan temple, which means ‘ Sacred Sword’. It was once an important temple complex. At the same time served as a Buddhist university as well. We will cycle on the trail to enter the southern side.

5:00 pm: Exist from the temple, with a delicious local fresh fruit platter for you, and a tuk-tuk or car ride back to the accommodation.


  • Professional English-speaking tour guide
  • Modern, high-quality mountain bikes with; large gear sets, disc brakes, and good front suspension (Giant).
  • Helmet
  • Bottle water
  • Coke
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Support Transportation
  • Hotel Pick up / Drop-off at your hotel by tuk-tuk or car

Please note

that need good shoes and no flip flop if you wish to visit the 3rd floor of Angkor Wat temple, You need to wear long trousers and hide your shoulder.

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